Christian Girl


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Salt Lick










Juice, Wells


Munch on
The body of christ eat of you fill
Chug on
The blood of christ drink and don’t spill
Salt Lick
When salt lick you should fly on angel’s wings
Bring me
A christian girl that will make my pubies curl

Bless us Lord,
For this Salt Lick for which we are about to receive

I saw her vision through the stained glass
So I walked into midnight mass
She was sitting in plain view
Second from the right
In the third pew

I ate a christ cracker
Drank his blood from a cup
Then jesus came down
Told me to tear that pussy up!

Christian girl
Your faith is in god open for my wad!
Christian girl
You will be baptized when I marinate your thighs!
You’re my christian girl

I took her out today
I hope she’s not waiting for her wedding day
I tried to slip it in after one date
But this pure little girl
Insisted we wait

So I ripped off my clothes
Said let’s have some fun
I’m gonna dry hump you baby
Let me show you how it’s done
She looked at me
And pulled out a knife
And said
“Is jesus in you life!”

Christian girl
It will bless your soul when you tug on my meat pole
Christian girl
I wish you were easy this songs so fucking cheesy

Christian girl
You would be a saint if you tickle my taint
Christian girl
Make my church bells ring when you pull on my love string!

So I threw a ladder up
To her window sill
I had a one way ticket to
When I went in her room she gave me
A sorrowful glance
Then she said
“You have to marry me to get into my pants!”

Christian girl
Salt Lick has risen from the depths of Catechism
Christian girl
Praise be to us kick the beaver in the nuts


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