Damn Girl


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Salt Lick


Juice, Kroch, Wells


Salt Lick


When I come home drunk
Half cocked and skunked
I just want to stick my dick
In your fucking dirty salt lick

I’m gonna put you on the bathroom counter
(gonna turn the sink on)
We gonna make some little babies
And then I’m gonna leave you
‘Cause bitch you are soooo crazy (coo-coo)

On a scale from one to ten
Said girl you is a four (whammy)
Even though you got big fucking titties
You still is a dirty whore

When I see them big titties
It makes me want to cum
I’m gonna shoot my load in your arm pit
And then I’m gonna slap you and call you dumb!

Damn Girl
Damn! Damn! Damn!

Tonight baby after I take a big ol’ crap
I’m gonna backflip into that bed
and get ready for your beaver to be attacked
I’m your miggidy miggidy man
And I be craving some cunt
So don’t be afraid when I
Soak you with my love pump!

Oh baby girl
When you come into the tub
Mr. Bubbles
You and meah we’ll go into historyah
Just let me touch youah
Where you peeah!

Damn Girl, tonight girl, just you and me girl, Damn!

Damn Girl
Damn! Damn! Damn!

Even though you weight 3+
I’m still gonna screw ya!
Even though you is a fatty
Doesn’t mean I won’t screw ya!

Gonna open my love potion
Gonna take a dive in your ocean
Gonna make you my bitch slave
And slap your ass and ride the wave!

Damn Girl
You complete me girl
Just you and me girl


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