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One day, we decided to write a love song, but this wasn’t to be any ordinary love song. This would be the dirtiest love song we could possibly come up with! We wanted to do something different and heartfelt, so we came up with “Damn Girl”. Salt Lick was then violently thrust from the creative womb of this song! Out we came, not even knowing we were a band and proceeded to write an album. This album came to be known as “Girl”.

“Girl” is a great example of our fusion of comedic elements and melodious, genre breaching music. There is no mold and there are no boundaries, which allows us to utilize any and every element possible, to make this a great listening experience. The humor varies from dark, irony, parody, filthy, stupid, clever and all the way to the toilet. There is something for everyone. The music is not bound to one single genre, so it ranges from Rock, to Funk, to Country, to Hip Hop and everything in between!

All of these components come together to form an amalgamation of sonic superiority enjoyable for everyone!


Track Listing:


  • Introduction
  • Sausage on Your Grill
  • Average Girl
  • Blue Balls
  • Call Girl
  • Making’ Love
  • Pick-A-Prick
  • Rag Girl
  • Ganja Girl
  • Groupie Girl
  • Lesbian
  • Christian Girl
  • The Damn Intro
  • Damn Girl
  • Bait Shop (secret song)


Release Date


Written By

Salt Lick


Betsie, Brady, Decker, Fern, Joel, Juice, Krissy, Kroch, Lyndsey, Wells






Juice, Wells


Juice, Kroch, Wells


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