Groupie Girl


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Salt Lick


Brady, Fern, Joel, Juice, Krissy, Kroch, Lyndsey, Wells








Out in the crowd
She’s at every single concert
You’ll see her bewbs
When she lifts up her Salt Lick tee shirt
She’ll show her tits
She’ll dance naked in a cage
For the chance
To give the band hand jobs backstage
Before we scump
I will double wrap my weenie
Cause if I don’t
I will get some wicked V.D.
When Salt Lick’s done
The band is all washed up
Groupie girl
Will find someone else’s balls to cup

Just make sure when you come
To bring your pussy pass
Open your mouth and suck a fart out of my ass
All these slut follow us
All around the world for the chance to be a
Salt Lick groupie girl

So I hear your trying
To get with the Juice
Your pussies real nasty
Why don’t you go and douche
To get with us
It’s not fucking easy
Salt Lick requires a girl whose
Really fucking sleezy
When I’m horny
And feeling kind of frisky
Bring over seventeen condoms
And a fucking fifth of whiskey
When you walk in we’ll watch Bonanza
You doggy style on the couch
Me asking “Who’s the boss?”


Buy our tickets
We’ve got to get paid
Come hang with the band
You’ll surely gonna get fucking laid
We love our groupies
Cause they are so loyal
I’ll bang you in the butt
While were fucking sippin’ on
Crown Royal
Sorry I had to blow out your hole
You better be at the next fucking show
Haha girl I blew it in your hair
Now get your shit together
I’ll pay your cab fare
All you girls better not ignore me
Cause the dirty Kroch
Is really fucking horny
We didn’t come here to play this show for free
All you have to do is play with my wee wee


The groupies in mexico say
“two tacos and a soda pop”
The groupies in england say
“oy i love salt lick”
The groupies in japan
“ching ching ching ching chong chong ching chong chang”
The groupies in africa say
The groupies in india say
The groupies in hell they scream
“You better make me cum!”
Our groupies show us your SALT LICK!


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